The Best Wedding Trainers for Brides

You and Your wedding featured 5 pairs of our Wedding Converse in their ‘The Best Wedding Wedding Trainers for Brides’ feature.

“A few years ago, pairing a princess wedding dress with anything other than high, fashionable heels was a big no no. These days though, it’s becoming trendier, and totally acceptable, to go down the casual route and wear trainers instead. Brides who would normally swap the heels for flats for the party abandon that step altogether, and why not? Is there anything wrong with being comfortable on your wedding day? And where you might think boring white sneakers are the only option, think again. Brides are getting more and more creative with blue embellished shoes (their something blue), Converse personalised with their wedding date, and even lace designs for those traditional at heart. Plus, you can’t knock the fact you will be more likely to wear them again. So, if you’re ready to embrace this wedding trend and sprint down the aisle, here is our pick of the best bridal trainers…”

By Penny TraversNovember 1st, 2018 at 11:00 am

Discover our Rose Gold Wedding Trainers with options to add Rose Gold satin laces and Rose Gold Swarovski crystals to the toes.

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