His and Hers Wedding Converse 2017

His and Hers Wedding Converse

His and Hers Wedding Converse

His and hers wedding Converse – It’s red white and blue for this groom and bride-to-be. This stylish couple chose blue Chuck II Converse for their wedding shoes.

They opted for BRIDE and GROOM on the heels with the wedding date. in white ink.

The choice of red woven laces for the groom-to-be added a pop of colour to these his and hers Wedding Converse.

These matching wife and husband Converse demonstrate how you can add sophisticated colour to your wedding shoes.   This is often a colour chosen by the groom but this couple chose matching shoes for their big day.  Not only do custom Wedding Converse make a wonderful keepsake of the best day ever! They can then be worn on the honeymoon and beyond.  Whatever your colour scheme we can help you design your perfect Wedding Converse. Good luck to the bride and groom for 13th of May 2017!


Groom Converse

Bride Converse

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