Into the Wild: Scottish Elopement in the Mountains

bride dr martens

Travelling the world, chasing your dreams, reconnecting with nature. All of these things may feel difficult even now, as we begin to resurface on the other side of the pandemic.

But here at Wedding Converse we have a secret to share with you. Because right here on our doorstep you can indulge in all three. The answer? Eloping to Scotland.

Intrigued? We’ll let real life couple and free spirited newlyweds Mel and Will show you.

Say ‘I do’ in Scotland

A land of wide open skies, lochs that shimmer turquoise to ink and back again, and mountain ridges that rise up in all sides, eloping to Scotland promises the breath-taking quality the biggest day of your lives deserves.

After spending their wedding morning in a timber-clad, lochside hideaway, bride Mel pulled on her white wedding Doc Martens with bold black lacing to complement her equally bold gown, along with uplifting lettering to cheer her on without a hundred guests to play that part.

Image : Chloe Mary Photo

Then arm in arm, it was into the wild – and eloping in Scotland certainly delivers the panoramas in spades! Nestled in a natural clearing high among towering rocky peaks waited her groom, as the colours danced vividly in the sunshine and the only sound was the wing beat of a passing bird.

Image: Chloe Mary Photo

Married on the mountain

The couple enjoyed a heartfelt ceremony at altitude. And with Scotland allowing you to marry wherever your heart takes you, eloping in Scotland is the real deal. This is the place for an offbeat, free spirited ceremony in the setting that calls to you.

With stylish but comfortable footwear, Mel and Will celebrated by climbing the peak beside them for photographs far from the ordinary. They danced, laughed and lit up by the sky with colour flares.

Image: Chloe Mary Photo

And they’re not the only couple to do it. Hopping over the border and eloping to Scotland delivers you landscapes like these at almost every turn.

Image: Chloe Mary Photo

Eloping to Scotland starts here

From Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, only a short distance from the buzzy hubs of Glasgow and Edinburgh, to the Cairngorms National Park, the NC500 winding through Sutherland, and what feels like the edge of the world as you head west to Ardnamurchan, forget the world and make Scotland your oyster with a pair of wedding converse to get you there.


Photographer: Chloe Mary Photo

Planner: Wild Hearts Elopement

Flowers: Floral Menagerie