Into the Woods: Weddings After Coronavirus Lockdown

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For the first half of this year, life has been stripped right back to its most essential parts. So many things have been off the cards, weddings as we knew them included. But what’s not been off the cards is love, and as we look towards weddings after coronavirus lockdown, that connection comes through.

Couples have had days delayed, plans postponed, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel now – and it’s shining on alternative weddings. Intimate celebrations and elopements have long been favourites of ours (our wedding converse are the perfect kicks for couples heading into the wild), and this year, they’re becoming more essential than ever.

Alternative weddings

Love after lockdown

Intensity, intimacy and romance – they’re three of the most beautiful things a marriage can be blessed with. Weddings after coronavirus lockdown promise you all three. Smaller gatherings with those who matter most become the defining tone.

The result? No pressure planning for hundreds of guests, no on-the-day stress concerning logistics. Alternative weddings with your very favourite people invite you to be laid-back and loved up. Simple.

And if you’re worrying that a smaller wedding won’t feel as magical, won’t have that grand entrance or the wow-factor, let me lay those fears to rest.

With fewer guests to cater for, all of a sudden the world becomes your oyster. Forget about finding a venue to suit 120 and focus on finding a setting you fall head over heels for.

Whether that’s an autumnal woodland glade, a bohemian wildflower meadow, or a little-known beach tucked down by the coast. Alternative weddings rewrite the rules of planning as you know them. The scene is set, and the phrase ‘dream it, do it’ has never rung so true.

Imagine walking down an aisle of golden leaves, with the soft rustle signalling your arrival. Picture an emotional hand-fasting in the heart of the forest, as centuries-old trees bear witness. Envision a wedding where you are at the heart, with all the excess paraphernalia fading away.

Alternative weddings all the way

Take your plans back to their most important parts. Planning weddings after coronavirus lockdown are all about staying true to you. And shouldn’t every wedding do that?

With a pair of personalised wedding converse, vans or Dr Martens on your feet, you can head off the beaten track in style. Put your best foot forwards on the best day of your life and celebrate the kind of wedding you may never have dreamed could be reality. And yet now, with expectations realigned and the pressure off, they can be.

Wedding Sneakers

Capture dramatic photos with smoke flares, pause to ensure your hand-chosen outfits are documented. Gather with the people closest to you to mark the milestone and celebrate, in an atmosphere that bubbles over with happiness, excitement and support for you.

Create dramatic imagery with smoke flares

Remember, your photographer and videographer can still be there. Work with them ahead of time and they’ll be poised and ready to capture the grand moments and the gentle smiles. It’s all you need to share the experience, via live stream or edited video, with extended family and friends.

Traditional weddings as we know them may be on pause for now, but tying the knot isn’t. Take the leap, make it your own and exchange the vows that mean the most. Weddings after coronavirus lockdown are yours for the making. How will you style yours?

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