Personalised Converse Rockabilly Wedding

Personalised Converse

Personalised Converse

When Kristyna and Kuba initially contacted us with an image of her rockabilly dress and ideas for their personalised Converse we knew this going to be a true Rock N Roll wedding.

They chose Red Personalised Converse with white ink, finished with black satin laces customised with their initials.  The red, white and black colours were key to their wedding theme and when we saw the photos we were blown away.  Every element of their wedding was planned with such care and love and they remained true to their personalities throughout.

There is no doubt that you will be spending lots of time on your feet on your wedding day and you should consider comfort as key to enjoying your special day.  With personalised Converse you do not have to sacrifice style and any bride seeking comfort can create the perfect pair of Personalised Converse.  Some brides opt for discreet wording on the sides or heel tags of their wedding sneakers whilst others love full bling pairs adorned with Swarovski crystals.  We can create custom Converse with a range of details including pearls, flowers and satin customised laces.

It’s not just the bride that can indulge in a pair of customised Converse, they are suitable for the entire wedding party from your Maid of Honour to the father of the bride they can match their footwear to their outfits.

Kristyna wore her beautiful custom Converse with her traditional white wedding dress and then beyond into the evening with her outfit change.  We created the perfect shoes for Kristyna to wear for the entire day in comfort and glamour.

For those in doubt about whether personalised wedding Converse, this Bride shows you exactly how you can rock a pair of personalised kicks in your wedding dress with ease and what is better still is they won’t break your budget.


Rockabilly Wedding
Personalised Converse with a traditional wedding dress


Rockabilly Wedding Shoes
Converse teamed with a traditional wedding dress


Rock n Roll Wedding
Custom Converse in red, white and black


Wedding Converse
Beautiful wedding details