Custom Converse Satin Laces


Add a personal touch to your Converse with our personalised satin laces for Converse and wedding trainers.

Made with aglets for easy lacing and to avoid fraying (plastic part on the end)

Measured precisely for your wedding Converse

Hand-printed with your chosen lettering to the very highest standards

Providing a premium finish for your wedding day photos


FREE UK DELIVERY (If you have not purchased a pair of our Converse)

Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery


Custom Converse Satin Laces

If you are looking for a way to personalise your Converse, our custom Converse satin laces are perfect.

Our hand-made satin laces are available in a range of gorgeous colours ready for your to personalise.

Add your initials to create a personalised touch to your wedding day.

We offer a range of styles, fonts and colours.

You can add your own words including Bride, I Do, Wifey, Mrs, Mr, Just Married to your satin laces.

They make for the perfect wedding photos and add a touch of your luxury to your bridal Converse.

Our satin laces for Converse are hand-made to the exact size you need.

In addition we offer satin laces for our wedding trainers in high top and low top so you get the right size everytime.

These personalised satin laces are also perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls, the maid of honour as well as the bride.

Choose from a range of ink colours to personalise your satin laces, to reflect your wedding theme colours.

From classic white with gold lettering, to bold black with white lettering we have something for everyone.

What makes our satin laces different?

Our laces are hand-made with aglets on the end.  Aglets are the plastic parts you find on laces.

All our laces are cut to the perfect size for your Converse.

Lastly they are hand-printed by us at our Studio to the very highest standards.

We do not use ribbons used for floral displays.  We use edged satin which is superior and will ensure your wedding Converse look perfect for your big day.

Our hand-printed initials are crisp and bold so they stand out and you won’t be disappointed with the finished.

Please do not confuse our personalised satin laces for Converse and trainers with cheaper versions.

The width feel and finish of our satin ribbon laces are not comparable with what you may find on marketplaces such as Etsy and Ebay.