The Rock Chick Bride: Contemporary Chic Wedding Inspiration

custom bride dr martens

When we think of weddings, visions of white lace, delicate flowers, and classic colour palettes come to mind. However, for those who dare to challenge tradition a Rock Chick look offers an edgy alternative and a timeless look that is becoming something of a modern classic.

Caroline Opaic Photography captured all the inspiration you need at Clapton Country Club where we had fun with the rock chick vibe, and the result is simultaneously softly feminine and oh-so-edgy-cool; teaming a delicate lace and tulle ballgown with a pair of kickass customised Dr Martens.

Location Location Location

Choose an unconventional venue that sets the stage for your rock-inspired nuptials. Abandoned warehouses, graffiti-strewn alleys, or iconic music venues can provide the perfect backdrop for your rebellious love story. We chose the Clapton Country Club in East London because it’s quirky and unique, offering the perfect urban retreat for us to create this contemporary look.

Leather and Lace

Infuse a touch of rock ‘n’ roll into your big-day look. Custom leather jackets work so well teamed with a delicate lace or floaty gown, equally Dr Martens can bring the perfect edge to a vintage bridal look. And of course, the juxtaposition of edgy and elegant creates a style that’s uniquely yours.

The Rebel Bouquet

Swap delicate blooms for something a bit more unconventional. A riot of colour set against the background of white roses, a multi-coloured mash-up or electric pink like those created by Twig & Bee for our shoot can add that brilliant touch of rebellious flair. Consider incorporating your favourite band pins or vintage brooches into the bouquet for a personalized touch.

Rock Star Glam

Embrace smoky eyes, a bright red lip, or bold metallic accents. Your makeup should reflect the fearless attitude of a rock-chick bride. Black eyeliner and dramatic lashes can be the stars of the show! Ditch the French manicure for nails painted to stand out.

Especially for You!

For this shoot we customised a pair of white 1460 Pascal Virginia leather lace up boots Dr Martens with genuine Swarovski Crystals. The boots feature a ‘Love Forever’ motif personalised with the couple’s initials, and hand-made black satin shoe laces. The year of the wedding can be added to the swag. 

Capturing the Moment

Choose a photographer who understands the essence of rock chic aesthetics. Capture candid moments, bold poses, and the chemistry that makes your love story truly unique.

Seek out urban landscapes adorned with graffiti art or neon lights, which create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. These elements will also add a burst of colour and personality to your wedding album.

Soundtrack to Your Love

Create a playlist that mirrors your rock-inspired theme. From classic rock anthems to indie hits, let the music reflect the beat of your hearts. Consider incorporating a live band or a DJ to keep the party alive with electrifying tunes.

As Unique and You Are

A Rock Chick Wedding is a bold statement that love knows no boundaries, and style knows no rules! Embrace your inner rock star and let your wedding day be a symphony of attitude, love, and unapologetic elegance.

Ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and let your love story resonate with the raw energy of rock chic vibes. After all, weddings are about celebrating the unique connection you share, and what better way to do it than with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll?

Are you tempted to bring rock chick vibes to your wedding day? It could all start with your treasured DMs, which we can transform to make them the perfect finishing touch to this oh-so-cool look. Dream up your perfect pair of fancy footwear with the help of our gallery and make your dream wedding a reality.


Photography – Caroline Opacic Photography

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